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Tax F.A.Q.

When are Taxes due?

There are 4 Tax Installments Throughout the Year.
​The Due Dates are as Follows:

February 28th
April 30th
August 31st
​October 31st

How do I pay online?

Tarbutt Township accepts payments through most online banking institutions Please use the following steps to set up your online payments:

  • Log in to your online bank account.
  • Continue to the payments tab.
  • Add a Payee
  • In the Search box type Tarbutt and hit the search button (This should give you the option to select Tarbutt as a payee )
  • When asked for your account number you will need to enter your roll number, you will find it on your tax bill and it will start with 5714.

*All Banking institutions are different in how they accept your “account” (Roll) number. Some do not require the first 4 digits (5714) and some do not require the last (0000) you may have to try a few different ways.

**We are not set up to accept payments from T.D Canada Trust Accounts.